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Let me introduce myself.
I am Rosemary from Barranquilla, Colombia, 43 year old. I am a mom, Chef, a fitness enthusiast, Ocean lover and now, an entrepreneur. My Husband Richard also from Barranquilla a Dad, loves Crossfit mostly, he is a non stop entrepreneur and has been in the nutraceutical & outsourcing business for 20 years. I feel like he is the brains and I the passion complementing ourselves daily. We share two beautiful children, Richard 9 who wants to be a gamer and Salma 7, she wants to be everything at this point, gymnast, artist, singer, astronaut, and the list goes on, she is my dreamer.
Now let me give you some MiBe insight. MiBe stands for Miami Beach. So why did we choose that name for our brand. Well since we moved here to Miami, The Beach has been the one to give us comfort, and happiness and a feeling of belonging, also is refreshing and clean just like our products. MIAMI BEACH IS ACTIVE, BEAUTIFUL, SEXY. And decided to pay tribute to those feelings.
Let’s go to our brand and why is it special. Well, as fitness lovers and been on the natural products industry we noticed how dirty and misconception of the formulas. If you want a product to work you have to give customers what they need not a whole bunch of extra ingredients that only bulk the powder to sell to a higher price. We needed to change that. We created efficient supplement powders with the amount of ingredients you need to be efficient and natural flavors, without any crazy maltodextrin or sucralose which and nothing to your body but a bunch of B.S.
Our formulas are smart because you have all in one to achieve better hydration, performance, weight training, strength, muscle recovery, hydration, power, energy, fat burn in one product. Yes you get all you need in one scoop
Our products are clear and simple, we give you clean formulas, without any fillers, No sugar, NO B.S.